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Posted by Caroline on

We have had a busy couple of months designing and making lots of new items, so we now have a range of carved Whitby jet hearts, hearts set in silver, freeform pendants, brooches and raw jet specimens.

Our jet heart pendants are all hand carved so each one is unique. We offer a range of sizes and surfaces to suit all tastes; some are highly polished and some are double-sided with one side showing the natural surface of the jet. The jet hearts set in silver are available as pendants and earrings and can be purchased separately or as a matching set, making it the perfect gift for a loved one.


Our freeform pendants are naturally shaped and highly polished to give a beautiful high shine. Again each piece is completely unique.


The new range of brooches includes Celtic, butterfly and filigree designs, all made from Whitby jet set in .925 silver. We also have a small range of antique brooches, all unique Victorian pieces representing a time in Whitby's history when its jet first became popular.


We know that many people like to have a piece of their own Whitby jet, so we are offering a range of specimens collected from the Whitby coastline. Some have been polished up to give a mirror shine and others are semi-polished so you can see the original surface of the jet.


That’s all for now, and hopefully very soon we will be bringing you a selection of Whitby jet rings and some more Victorian pieces...