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About us


About us

We are a small company that specialises in handmade Whitby jet jewellery. All of our jewellery is made in our workshop in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Our craftsman is highly skilled in all aspects of jewellery making and has many years experience of collecting jet, identifying high quality jet and making fine Whitby jet jewellery. We only use the best quality Whitby jet which we have either collected ourselves or sourced from one of a handful of trusted local collectors. This means we know the origin of every piece of jet before it is carved and polished.

   Whitby Jet hearts     whitby-jet-drops.jpg      Whitby Jet hearts and beads

 Batch of carved jet heart and freeform pendants, jet drop earrings and charms in progress

Where our Jet comes from

We are one of only a hand full of Companies that still hand collect the Raw Whitby Jet ourselves, cut and polish the jet and then sell the finished product. When we are not in the workshop producing jewellery we are usually out along the Jurassic coastline searching the seashore for pieces of raw Jet. That way we can guarantee that only the best quality locally sourced jet is used in our jewellery. The Jet we use in our Jewellery will take a mirror finish and will never crack or break.

Sea washed Whitby Jet found at Runswick bay     whitby-jet-mine-at-kettleness.jpg     Whitby Jet found on Runswick bay beach

  A pieces of sea washed Whitby Jet from Runswick bay                                       An abandoned Jet mine at Kettleness                                                      A low quality specimen grade piece of Jet from Runswick bay

We are also continuously exploring the vast network of inland Whitby Jet mines that are spread throughout the North Yorkshire moors and Cleveland hills. Large quantities of the best quality Whitby Jet came from inland areas such as Scugdale and Westerdale during the Victorian era. These disused mines are now part of the North Yorkshire moors national park so cannot be worked. 

Many of these mines are now collapsed but a few are still accessible with caution.

Whitby Jet mine at Guisborough     Whitby Jet found at Carlton bank    Inside an abandoned Whitby Jet mine

 Abandoned mine entrance near Guisborough                                  Pieces of jet found at Carlton bank in the Cleveland hills                          An abandoned Whitby Jet mine

 Other materials we use

All of the materials that we use in our jewellery and our packaging are carefully sourced and selected so that we can always assure a high quality, long lasting product. Our jewellery is made from either solid .925 sterling silver or 9ct gold. We have a large range of jet jewellery set in silver and gold as well as some freeform pieces such as hearts, natural shapes and jet drops. In addition to jet pieces we also offer a range of jewellery containing both jet and another gemstone such as Baltic Amber, Blue John, Swiss Marcasite, Larimar, and Opal. We have carefully selected these gemstones for their beauty and their affinity with Whitby Jet.

amber-and-whitby-jet-pendant.jpg   Marcasite and Whitby jet pendant  Whitby Jet and Opal bracelet

                  Jet and Amber cabochon pendant                                                                Jet and Marcasite pendant                                                          Jet and Opal Celtic bracelet  

 Our Jewellery          

 Our range includes both traditional, classic pieces as well as modern pieces and unique one off items. We are continually expanding our range so that we can offer an ever-increasing choice of beautiful jet jewellery.

  Whitby Jet Heart   Whitby Jet bead   Whitby Jet heart ring

                     Carved Jet heart pendant                                                                               Jet charm bead                                                                    Band ring inlaid with Jet hearts  

 Our customers         

 We are very customer-orientated, so we always listen to and consider our customers’ feedback and try to incorporate it into our decision-making, so that hopefully we can provide the jet jewellery you are looking for. We find it really rewarding to hear from happy customers, please see our ‘Customer Reviews’ page for some of the comments we have received, and if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us.



                                                                                              Highly polished jet freeform pendants