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Turquoise Stud Earrings

Turquoise was first discovered over 7500 years ago and has held great significance globally to many cultures including the Romans, the Ancient Egyptians, Native American Indians, Aztecs, Incas and early Tibetans.

They treasured the gemstone for it’s visual beauty, and the rich symbolism and deep spiritual meaning it had for them.  We source all of our turquoise directly from the historic Kingman Mine, Arizona, USA. Kingman Blue is renowned for its excellent quality, stunning sky blue colour and timeless appeal. We carefully cut the raw turquoise, then shape and polish it before being made into jewellery. The brown veining often seen in pieces of turquoise offers a glimpse of the mother rock in which it formed. We often pair turquoise with Whitby Jet to give a beautiful colour combination that will never go out of style.