Custom Made Jewellery

We welcome requests for custom made jewellery, so if you are interested in having a piece specially made, please contact us. We will discuss your requirements in detail, your timescale and your budget so that we can create the perfect piece for you.


Here are some examples of custom pieces we have created.

Whitby Jet and Diamond Engagement Ring 

Created using 18ct yellow gold, a 30 point diamond and finest quality Whitby Jet.

Whitby Jet and Derbyshire Blue John Engraved Silver Bangle

Created from 925 sterling silver, finest quality Whitby Jet and Derbyshire Blue John with engraving on the inside.

Hand Carved Whitby Jet Heart

Hand cut and highly polished Whitby Jet heart.

Sterling Silver Anklet with Whitby Jet

A contemporary sterling silver anklet with a hand cut rectangular Whitby Jet stone

9ct Gold Pointed Ring with Whitby Jet 

This slim pointed ring was handmade using 9ct yellow gold and set with slithers of Whitby Jet

Whitby Jet 18ct Gold Inlaid Wedding Ring

 This 18ct yellow gold 6mm wedding band is fully inlaid with a 2mm wide continuous band  of the finest Whitby Jet.

Sterling Silver and Whitby Jet natural shape pendants

Pendants made from partially polished Whitby Jet to display the natural surface