Jet Heart Pendants

Our Whitby Jet carved heart pendants are individually hand cut making each one completely unique.

The size, shape and finish of our carved heart pendants is often dictated by the piece of raw material being worked. This enables us to include any rare textures, ammonites or rare mineral inclusions into the finished piece of jewellery. Some are fully polished to a deep black lustre on both sides and others have a fully polished side and a semi polished side. The semi polished side shows the natural surface of the Jet and may include crystals or inclusions of other minerals. All of our carved Jet hearts are reversible so they can be worn to show either side. Please refer to individual descriptions for details about each carved Jet heart.

Our handmade hearts set in silver or gold are highly polished and beautifully display the unique contrast between the dark Whitby Jet and bright metallic shine. An ideal gift for someone special, with one of our heart pendants the wearer can keep close this timeless symbol of love.